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J-Course Outline

Material that might be included in a Journalism Course:
 Why read news?
 Sense of time and place in it.
 First draft of history
 Improve map of reality
 Develop Community
 Why an editor?
 It's easier for new eyes reading to recognize, ommissions, errors, and areas that can be made more accessible.
 Be wary of people who edit their own work. It shows lack of judgment.
 Humility -- there is the possibility you just might be wrong.
 1690 - Publick Occurrences
 John Peter Zenger - Acquitted of seditious libel
 Truth is a valid defense - Not so in Britain
 Boston Massacre
 Civil War
 Spanish American War
 Vietnam, Iraq I and Iraq II
 September 11, 2001
 Publick Occurrences - 1690
 Journalists and Writers
 Michel de Montaigne
 James Boswell
 Benjamin Franklin
 H.L. Mencken
 Edward R. Murrow
 Mary McGrory
 J.F.K's Funeral
 News History
 Case Studies
 Yellow Journalism - William Randolph Hearst
 The Economist
 Pulitzer Prizes
 Journalism in the world
 Behind the iron curtain
 Robert Bartley - Wall Street Journal
 Vermont Royster - Wall Street Journal
 Mary McGrory - Washington Post
 H.L. Mencken - Baltimore Sun
 Illuminating rather than incendiary
 The sympathetic contract - you can't convince people you alienate.
 Martin Luther King: Letter from a Birmingham Jail
 Public Disservice
 Everybody's entitled to an opinion... but you don't have to know anything to have one.
 Point-Counterpoint - Never weaving the truth of both sides together.
 The unanswered accusatory question
 Dickens' "Hard Times" - Slackbridge
 Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, Al Franken, O'Riley.
 Drilling down
 Jobs, Debt
 "Fair and Balanced" versus Objective
 Public journalism - Being "In the scene"
 First draft of history
 Inverted pyramid
 Digital Manipulation
 Public Relations
 Community, Suburban, Regional, National
 Daily, Weekly, Monthly
 Focus and Content
 News, Niche, Shoppers, Alternative, Tabloid
 Parts of a newspaper
 Shoulders 3/4 of the cost of the news
 News - Local, State, National, International
 Bandwidth, drill-down, serendipity
 Local, Cable, National
 Focus and Content
 News, Niche
 Parts of a newspaper
 Shoulders 3/4 of the cost of the news
 News - Local, State, National, International
 Visual, Immediate, Limited content
 Of the news
 Of the mind
 Richard Mitchell - The Underground Grammarian
 Of the machine
 Johan Gutenberg - Movable Type Printing Press
 Benjamin Franklin - Postal Service
 Matthew Brady - Photography in the field
 Samuel F. B. Morse - Telegraph
 Adolph Ochs - New York Times
 Marconi - Radio
 David Sarnof - Television
 How to...
 Journalistic style
 Inverted Pyramid
 "The Public's Right To Know"
 As a club, an insult, and inflammatory remark
 Graveyard of misspent words
 First Amendment
 1964 Times vs. Sullivan
 "The unconditional right to say what one pleases..."
 Truth as a defense
 Shield Laws
 Fair Use
 Under the Constitution
 Original specification and purpose
 Digital Millenium Copyright Act
 Required to be independent
 What and why
 Lens of the media
 Public Journalism
 Yellow Journalism - 1865-1900
 The future of news
 Community participation
 Tyranny of the majority
 The future of society
 Your part
 Humility: People think they are right, not necessarily because they are right, but simply because they think they are right.
 AP Style
 MLA Style


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