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Author:   Rome Sentinel Webmaster  
Posted: 6/12/08; 4:29:41 PM
Topic: Manufacturing a measure of good and evil
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Manufacturing a measure of good and evil
Wretchard asks, "Is there a fundamental definition of evil?" His is really a question of society.
Make a distinction between culture and society and mankind can manufacture working relationships.

Society is the edge where any two cultures (or individuals) meet. Through a culturally-independent thought experiment, the minimum requirements for society can be deduced. First among those requirements springs from doubt -- that in the past we were mistaken when we thought we were right.

From the humility of having been mistaken, and knowing it can happen again, we socialize. We allow others to say things we care not to hear, but need to know.

Society, then, is too important to leave to religion, and requires only our ingenuity -- God-given or otherwise -- to invent. And it is as good for us as its absence is bad.

Hmm. A culturally independent establishment of good and evil. Nice to know it's possible. Mother Nature doesn't care whether we choose to do it, but we, and our unimaginably distant descendants do.

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